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Latch Portable Sound Machine – Review

What is it?

In short it is a white noise machine, with a light attached. It has 3 noise settings:

  • A sshhhh sound
  • White noise
  • Heartbeat
  • The light has 2 settings:
    • Steady

    Price: £17 and £19.99 depending on retailer

    My thoughts?

    Prior to writing this review I used the machine in different settings as I wanted to be able to give an honest opinion. I used it at home, in a shopping centre and in a car.

    I do quite like this little gadget, I’m a huge fan of portable things, and i feel that the light is bright enough for me to check on my daughter but not so bright that it would wake her. We usually just use the shushing sound, but have used the white noise too on a few occasions and found that the shushing worked better for us. The heartbeat didn’t really make a difference, however I do believe that’s due to my daughter’s age. We received this product when she was around 5 months old and I think the heartbeat sounds work better on newborns as it mimics what they used to hear in the womb and therefore calming them.

    When using this outside I have noticed that rather than putting my daughter to sleep it just had a calming effect on her which is honestly just as helpful.

    I like the fact that it comes with batteries as that means you can use it straight away once opening the package. We have been using this everyday for the last 2 months and the batteries are still going strong.

    The downsides to this for me would have to be the timer, the longest it can go on for is 15 minutes and sometimes that is just not long enough, also the buttons are white and blend into the design so you can’t see them in the dark. Having said that, neither of those things would stop me from using or recommending this little gadget.

    You can purchase your Munchkin Sshh Sleep Machine on Amazon as well as from the Munchkin website.

    Have you got one of these? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me!

    PS: This post is not sponsored and I was sent this product from an independent site not Munchkin. I am in no way affiliated with Munchkin and all views are my own.

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