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Nuby Natural Touch Anti Reflux Bottles – Review

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to test out Nuby’s anti reflux bottles and of course I jumped at the chance!

Yes I know all brands have bottles that claim to reduce reflux, however I was intrigued because this one looks different!

It has a weighted straw which means your baby can feed sitting up until the last drops of the feed, it might not sound special but feeding upright is one of the most helpful things for a reflux baby, and if you are a mother of one you’ll know how hard it is to do it when you only have 1 or 2oz of milk left. The straw can be removed and the bottle is still usable without it once your baby outgrows their reflux.

It has 3 anti-colic valves which means there is no air build up inside the bottle, so baby swallows less air.

I really like the way they look and the fact they have rough pads on the sides which means I can get a better grip…I am very clumsy.

At first I found this bottle quite fiddly to wash and assemble, the extra part took a little getting used to, but luckily it comes with a tiny brush for washing the straw. Another thing that took me a few attempts to realise is that these bottles are not ideal for a thicker formula! The straw makes the flow slower than usual and with a thicker formula it means that my hungry 8 month old kept getting impatient very quickly. This was easily resolved once we switched back to normal formula.

All in all I would recommend these bottles, especially during the first few months when reflux is at its worst.

2 thoughts on “Nuby Natural Touch Anti Reflux Bottles – Review

  1. Acid reflux is the worst for them – I used to put drops in for my son and found them pretty good. These bottles look really good and I haven’t come across them before n my 10 years as a parent – Where do they stock them?

    1. It really is terrible. Luckily before these bottles my daughter was ok with just the thicker milk formula and didn’t need medicine unless we used normal formula. You can get these bottles on amazon or on the Nuby website, I haven’t seen them in store x

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