Spice Way UK – Spice Blends Review

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent over some spice blends to try by Spice way. I hadn’t heard of them before but I was very excited as I love using spice blends. I feel like it makes cooking so much quicker as you don’t need to add 20 different herbs and powders for flavour, thus saving you time. They are perfect for trying out new flavours, and for jazzing up weekday dishes, without the hassle of grinding, chopping and grating.

The different blends are separated into categories and the ones I will be talking about today are from the Spice Blends, Fast Gourmet, Cook Clever ranges respectively. Each blend comes in a sealed plastic container, yielding 100g and they retail between £4-4.95 depending on which one you choose. There are bigger 200g tubs also available.

The blends I have received were quite very versatile and I am extremely pleased with them, they are sure to be a staple in my kitchen. Ravishing Rosemary and award winning Heavenly Herbs and Magic Majadra products from Spice Way will transform the way you cook food and will add the perfect finishing touches to your dishes! In this post I will talk about each one individually.

You can find out about their full ranges on

Image of spice jars by Spiceways

Heavenly Herbs – Spice Blend

The first one I want to talk about is Heavenly Herbs. Spice Way describes it as:   A great mix of more than 12 ingredients including : parsley, lemon thyme, dill, coriander, sumac, black pepper, garlic, cumin, cardamom, tarragon, mint, bay leaves, hyssop, sage and lemon grass.

Heavenly Herbs

As you can see from the picture it is an extremely pretty blend and I found the taste to be quite complex, but in a good way. Thanks to the amount of different herbs in it, it can be used for a variety of dishes and meats, as a rub or a marinade. At first I was worried as I’m not a fan of cardamom, however I found that in this particular mix, it wasn’t overpowering at all. All the herbs work together harmoniously,  delivering  a burst of flavour with every bite. For reviewing purposes I followed the instructions and only mixed it with oil and lemon juice before rubbing it on some chicken legs and roasting for about 45 minutes, it worked great, but I am very excited to try to see how it can elevate other types of rubs and marinades, such as yogurt based ones.

Roasted chicken legs seasoned with heavenly herbs spice blend by Spiceway

Magic Majadra – Fast Gourmet

Magic majadra is described as: “Lentils, turmeric, onions, cumin and more. Add to create an authentic taste of India!”

Magic Majadra

This is the perfect blend for taking a simple plate of rice to new levels. It’s called fast gourmet for a reason! It has a distinctive taste that so far I’ve only experienced in Indian restaurants.  The tumeric in it turns the rice a beautiful yellow colour and the fried lentils and onions add a delightful crunch, to what would normally be a simple bowl of rice. It has a hint of cumin which gives it  a kind of earthy flavour. Once again this blend is super easy to use and oh so quick! I add about a tablespoon or 2 for 3 portions of rice, and so far I have not been disappointed. It also goes great with couscous and I can see it elevating roast potatoes to a whole new level.

Rice cooked with Magic Majadra

Ravishing Rosemary – Cook Clever

The last one I want to talk about is definitely my favourite. Ravishing Rosemary is described a: “A pure mix of garlic, rosemary and salt flake”.

Ravishing Rosemary

This is definitely my favourite and one I will be 100% purchasing once I run out, it has a perfect balance of rosemary and garlic and the sea salt adds that little something extra that every dish needs.  I used it on baby hassle back potatoes, and at first I was a little apprehensive the salt flakes were going to be too much, however the extra little crunch they added was exactly what the potatoes needed. I didn’t exactly follow the instructions for this one. Instead of just sprinkling it on, I mixed it with softened butter and brushed it on so that it would get into the little slits of the potatoes. This ensured that every bite was seasoned well.

Upon opening the package you are hit with a strong rosemary smell, however the flavour isn’t overpowering, and I could see this as an amazing seasoning for roast chicken or as a rub for some lamb chops.

Baby hassleback potatoes roasted and seasoned with butter and ravishing rosemary spice blend by SpiceWay

Spice Way were kind enough to let me have a discount code to share, which is valid until the 30/10/2019 and is for 10%. Just enter INF10 at the check out! This code is only valid on spice blends. Which one will you be trying? What dishes will you be jazzing up?

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me, however all opinions are my own.

36 thoughts on “Spice Way UK – Spice Blends Review

  1. I am tempted to buy these because they look like they have a good blend of ingredients and are not powdered. Those hassleback potatoes are calling me for sure

    1. I highly recommend them! They have a great variety of herbs in them and it was so easy to make those potatoes!

  2. I really like the look of these. They seem a little different to anything in the supermarkets.

    I do tend to forget how versatile herbs are!

    1. They’re definitely better than supermarket ones. I’m the same! I always forget about how many herbs exist!

  3. All of these spice blends look great, and your photos look amazing too! I really want to try the Ravishing Rosemary- looks and sounds perfect!

  4. I love having spice and flavours in my meals and spice Way seems perfect for busy mums and dads! That Indian meal looked amazing! Thanks for sharing the discount code too.

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