Yasmeena’s Choice – Book Review

This is a book that I have read quite a while ago, before I even started blogging let alone writing reviews. Once I started I did want to write a review but could never bring myself to do it, it is an emotional book.

I always try to refrain from swearing on here (unlike on twitter) but this book…this book broke my fucking heart.
Yameena’s choice is the true story of a girl’s fate during the first Gulf war. Kidnaped, imprisoned and sexually tortured, this story is not for the faint hearted or non-mature readers. Alongside her story yasmeena also describes her friend Lana’s ordeal. another captive young girl who has become a sadist’s sex slave.
 The abuse is told in details and the only word I can think of to describe it is “horrific”.
The courage of these two women is something I will forever admire, and wherever Yasmeen went at the end of the book, I hope she found happiness.
The story is so detailed and everything just felt so vivid, but what really got me was the fact that this is a real story.
Yasmeena is a real person that went through all of this, and she didn’t deserve it. Nobody deserves anything even remotely resembling what this woman went through. From the beginning to the end it was pure heartbreak, I never cried so much over a book. I cried over love novels, but this was different I cried out of sadness and anger.
Even though it broke my heart I would still recommend this book, because her story needs to be heard, and it is not just her story. Things like this happen all over the world and are not talked about, when they should be. I would recommend this book for those of you that can handle it.
It isn’t’ a fairy tale and it will make you cry in sadness and anger throughout.
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