Where have I been?!


After almost a year I am back, with more recipes and a little extra.

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you already know the reason for my absence, if not then this post is just a brief update. On the 27th May 2017 I found out I was pregnant and in the following days I made the choice to take a break from blogging and focus on life and my pregnancy. Thanks to morning sickness ( which btw lasts ALL day AND ALL night) cooking was one of the last things on my mind at the end of each day, let alone writing about it! Honestly for the first 12 weeks I basically lived on crackers, fresh fruits and ice water.

Our wonderful baby Tahani is now over 3 months old and honestly the love we feel for her is overwhelming and nothing could ever come close to it.

She keeps us very busy, but I am now slowly getting back into the kitchen and normal life, and feel am ready to start blogging again. Only this time it might not be just food, I may have the odd mummy post. After all being a mother is a huge part of my life right now, and will be for the rest of my life.

I am very excited to be back in the world of rominaslittlecorner and have so many recipes and posts planned as well as a giveaway in the coming weeks.

Thanks for baring with me, I can’t wait to get back into the swing of it.

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