Helen of Sparta Series by Emilia Carosella – A mini Review

Last year Amazon recommended me “Helen of Sparta”, it was a new book by a new author and I like all things mythology so why not?
I started reading and after chapter one, I was HOOKED. The whole storyline and the narration had me reading it like my life depended on it. The characters came to life for me and when Helen felt pain my heart broke.
The character of Leda was probably the one that angered me the most, how DARE she treat poor Helen like that? All Helen wanted was to be happy and live in peace, surely she should have that.
The book ended on a cliff hanger, and that angered me until I realised there was a sequel…only problem was the author was still writing it. So off I went to stalk her blog and twitter waiting for a release date.
Then the day came…and once again the characters came to life for me, which is probably why it took me so long to finish this book. I HATE Helen’s sister Nestra, she is literally the worst. Every time she spoke I got angry and had to put my kindle away because my anger was that real. Agamemnon was another one that made need a break. Throughout the book I wanted to read about their deaths. 
But of course there were characters that kept me going, Polypoetes for example. He is just…everything, and of course I awaited the words “Theseus is back”, throughout the book I yearned for his return just as Helen did. As with the first book, when she hurt I hurt and I got so into it I felt as suffocated by her problems as her.
I will not talk about the ending as I am trying not to give any spoilers, but believe me: You wanna read these books. And with Autumn nights fast approaching do we really need any other excuse to curl up on the sofa and get lost in another dimension?

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