Breast Cancer Awareness After October


As you all know October is breast cancer awareness month, so like every other year women pay extra attention to their breasts and talk about how they need to get checked up. Then comes November and nobody cares anymore. Why? Do people really think cancer only hits you in October? It does not. Cancer knows no age, race, sexuality or gender. It will hit whoever it wants whenever it wants. So let us not limit our awareness to one month a year. Let us take the time out to check ourselves a minimum of once a week, let’s educate our younger sisters and brothers in this matter, men can get it too but most men don’t believe it. So ladies, during the weekend when you pamper yourself with a face mask or a hot bath, check up on your little ladies. Get all up in their business and know what is normal for you. Give yourself some real TLC: Touch, Look, Check.


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