5 Ways to Improve Your Cooking Inspiration – Guest Post

Are you getting tired of cooking the same dishes or have you already lost all desire? Let us give you some fresh inspiration to shake up your meals in the kitchen! You are not alone and having a lack of inspiration happens to the best of us.

Here are 5 ways to improve your cooking inspiration: 

1. Make a Plan

If you have been lacking inspiration recently it may be because you’ve been making similar recipes for the past few months, without adding some new recipes and ingredients into the mix. Why not make a list of all the foods you love and what you’ve been eating for the past month? Then cross check and see if there are any meals you could exclude from this list and replace them with something more interesting. Perhaps you just need to change the recipe slightly to give it a different twist to make it more tasty!

If you dedicate a couple of hours to meal planning and preparing meals for the week, the process will become a lot easier for you.


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2. Prepare as much as you can!

Food preparation can sometimes be the most time consuming part of cooking and could be draining you and making you feel uninspired. Instead of having to constantly go shopping for ingredients, why not consider trying a food subscription box, including recipe cards and all of the individual ingredients?

This is the perfect way to gain some recipe inspiration whilst having each and every ingredient delivered straight to your front door. Food Subscription Boxes such as Hello Fresh and Gousto save so much time and will make sure you have ingredients for a few new dishes per week. This is especially helpful if you are tired or have a large meal for family to prepare.

3. Get Organised

What do your fridge, freezer and cupboards look like inside? If it’s looking disorganised and chaotic, this could be affecting
the way you feel about cooking! Pull everything out, give everything a good clean and clear out any foods or condiments that may no longer be in date. Old
foods can spoil fresh foods quite quickly. So fresh is always better, and that includes spices too.

You can also organise your kitchen equipment so you aren’t wasting time trying to find pots and pans when you are in the flow of cooking an amazing meal!


4. Watch some new TV Cooking Programmes or Read Some Foodie Magazines

Food magazines and cooking shows are great for inspiration. The beautiful pictures, simple recipes and step-by-step process will be a game changer for you and will give you lots of new inspiration.

If you don’t always want to spend money on magazines, maybe borrow one from a friend or ask them if they have any recipe books you haven’t tried before.



5. Consider Trying Some Different Cuisines!

The next time you go out to a restaurant, try looking at the menu from an ideas perspective. Take a look at each ingredient and maybe try to recreate the same dishes at home.

Try something you’ve never had before and see if there’s perhaps a cuisine you’d love to try at home but haven’t yet! Take your time to enjoy some new flavours and even ask the restaurant for some of their top tips.

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Eventually, you will start to find the very things that inspire you the most. Relax and have fun with your new ideas and recipes!


What do you do to improve your cooking inspiration?


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  1. This is sure helpful! I like what you said “Try something you’ve never had before and see if there’s perhaps a cuisine you’d love to try at home but haven’t yet!” Thank you for this.

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