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Easy Mushroom Pasta

Today’s recipe is a quick and easy one. Main ingredient is mushrooms and if you don’t like them, I’m sorry but this is not for you. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that lately I have been making very quick meals using basic ingredients, so as to spend more time focusing on… Read More Easy Mushroom Pasta

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Sweet & Sour Salmon 2.0

Today’s recipe is a very simple weekday salmon dinner. It’s a twist on an old sweet and sour salmon recipe I used to make and have gradually improved over time. It can be served with a variety of dishes, we’ve had it with couscous, white bastati rice, salad. Most recently though, I love having it… Read More Sweet & Sour Salmon 2.0

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Salmon Meatballs 

Finally I am back! I apologise for my absence, I have been under the weather and busy with moving house, but I am back now and have a lovely little recipe to share. Since some of my most popular recipes on this blog are meatballs I thought why not do another? In the past I… Read More Salmon Meatballs