Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – 14/05/2018

Good Morning,

Another Monday is here and once again I am trying to spread some positivity. Today’s post has been inspired by one of my favourite poets: Rumi.

Many of his quotes are so inspirational, but I find this one particularly suitable for the times we are living in:

“Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious.”

How many times do we hide who we truly are just to fit in. I don’t mean just physically but personality wise too. How many times have we kept our opinions and ideas to ourselves just because it was easier? I know that I have done this many times growing up. And the older I grow the more I am aware of how important my opinions and thoughts are.

As important as it is to not get lost into the crowd trying to fit in by hiding our personalities; it is just as important to do the same thing physically. We should embrace the way we look and the way we are built. We might not look like supermodels but who is to say that isn’t ok? Who is to say we are not glorious in our own way?

So this week; let’s all try to embrace who we are internally and externally; let’s nurture who we are under the mask and appreciate how glorious we truly are as individuals.

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