Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – 07/05/2018

Good Morning and happy Monday!

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely sunny bank holiday and making the most of this sliver of summer we have here in the UK.

Today I just want to take a brief moment to talk about our worth. I’ve noticed people always remind us to “know our worth” and as much as that’s important, another thing to remember is that we must NEVER lower our worth for anyone.

We all know what our worth is, we all know how important we are; sometimes we may forget and feel like we are no good but we must always try to remember that we matter. You matter.

In life you will come across people who will make you feel less than important, like you can easily be replaced or like no one will even notice if you go. Don’t let these people’s opinion lower what you know is your value. Don’t let their words dictate your worth.

As hard as it is, we cannot let people’s opinions of us dictate how we feel about ourselves. The lower we think we are worth the more negative people we will attract. The more negativity we attract the more chance we have of loosing ourself.

When in doubt take a deep breath and remember who you are, remember that you matter.Don’t let someone else decide your worth.

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