Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – 20/03/0217

Good Morning and happy Monday! 
Lately I have been trying to look at things in a different way, I’ve been trying to look at the big picture. Find my end goal.

I feel that finding and picturing your end goal is extremely important in the pursuit of happiness. Whatever you do in life l, remember why. Remember why you are doing it, why you are putting up with certain things. Focus on your end goal, move towards it. 

A lot of the time we find ourselves in situations we hate, we want to walk away, and sometimes that’s ok. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes we need to take a breath and focus and ask ourselves “is this gonna get me there?” If the answer is yes then we stay in the situation and make the best we can with it. We learnt all the lessons it has to teach us and we use it to our advantage.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is, a career, family, weight loss. No goal is less important than another, if it matters to you, it matters and is worth pursuing.

Look ahead in life and don’t let the distractions stop you in your path. Picture your end goal, focus on it, and don’t let anybody stop you from reaching it, or tell you you’ll never get there.

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