Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday -27/02/2017

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Good Morning and Happy Monday!

I’ve talked a lot about not letting people’s opinions define you but today I just want to say: Be the kind of person you wish to meet.

We all want to meet a certain kind of person and yet a lot of us don’t make the effort of being that kind of person or even think we deserve that kind of person.

Most of the time it’s because we let people tell us, we can’t do it, we let people tell us “this is the best you’re gonna get”. And this happens a lot in life, in relationships, in the workplace, in your social life, everywhere.

We have to believe in ourselves and we have to listen to the voice inside us that tells us “you know what? You’re better than this job/relationship/situation”, we have to listen to it and believe it.

Having said that, I also want to mention that we should still be humble. I have talked about this before here ,but I just want to mention it again. We ALL hate people that look down their noses at us and we should it be one of them. Knowing your worth doesn’t mean you loose respect for others.

Be the kind of person you wish for, be the person you want to meet. Believe that you can be that person and don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t be.

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