Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – 30/01/2017

Good Morning everyone and HAPPY Monday! If you’re confused by my use of happy Monday please go back and read last week’s Motivation Monday post (here).

This week I want to focus on our flaws and why we should accept them, why they could be the key to our biggest strengths.

I have seen a quote flying about on twitter and it said “once you accept you accept your flaws, nobody can use them against you” and it got me thinking about how true this is. People always pick on our flaws but when it comes down to it, we are our biggest critics. We pick on our flaws and let them put us down, I do it all the time and it is something I am working on.

But why not reverse this by making our flaws our strength? Our motivation to change? Every time we see a flaw why not let motivate us to change instead of getting down about it?
Take that flaw, accept it and let it be the motivation you need to change, let that anger fuel you if you must. Accept that you are not perfect, know that you can change if you try. 

Once you know your flaws and know that you are working your hardest to overcome them, nobody can use them against you, they can’t hurt you anymore. When it comes to our flaws, the key is acceptance and fighting, if you can fight your own flaws then what makes you think you can’t stand up to the world? Don’t let your shortcomings hold you back, make them push you forward everyday.

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