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Motivation Monday – 26/12/2016

This is the last Motivation Monday of the year, I spent ages thinking about it. I wanted it to be something special, I wanted it to be the speech that changed lives. Then I realised, it doesn’t have to be, because I am not here to change lives. I am just trying to change people’s outlook on life and improve my own attitude, so I am writing about a topic that I have been thinking about a lot this past week. Jealousy.

I am talking about the kind of jealousy you feel when something good happens to someone else and you think “Why not me?”, that little voice inside you that says “It should have been me”, the same voice that makes you hate people and the world around you simply because someone else is experiencing something you wished for, it could be anything: new job, holiday, money, baby, engagement, anything.

Jealousy is a horrible feeling, it makes you distance your self from people when really you should be happy for them. The smallest amount of jealousy can burn the strongest relationship, you can go from being close friends with someone to resenting them for being blessed with something before you. It is hard to be happy for someone that has something you wished for, but trying to be happy for them, it costs nothing. Something that helps is counting your blessings, and understanding that things happen to us when they do, for a reason. You can spend your whole year wishing for something and it doesn’t happen, yes it will hurt but somewhere in there, there is a blessing and in understanding this, we learn to be happy for other people. Jealousy will get you nothing good in life. Hating someone because they have your dream job for example , isn’t going to affect them, it will only affect you and poison your heart. On the other hand, wishing them the best and meaning it from the bottom of your heart, as silly as it sounds, can be so rewarding.

As humans we always think we deserve the best, and the truth is: We should feel this way, but we should also always remember that everyone else deserves it juts as much as we do. Yes some things we achieve by working hard for them like houses and jobs. Other things we have no control over, like finding the perfect spouse, or starting a family. We need to accept that it is out of our control and if it doesn’t happen it was not meant to be and within that there is a blessing. We might not see it right away, but it’s there.

Jealousy is poison and the only antidote for it, is to learn to value what we have and be happy for others. Wish them the best and have faith that you are where you are in life for a reason.

I would like to end this by sharing my only resolution for 2017: To be a better person and share at least a little kindness each day. I hope 2017 is everyone’s year.

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