Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – 12/12/2016

Today I want to talk about pride.

Every single one of us as human beings has some sort of pride in them and I feel that there is different kinds of pride. Yes you can be proud of your achievement, proud of your ancestry, proud of your children, all that is fine. I want to talk about the sort of pride that makes you think “I’m better than you” that is not fine.

The reason why I think it’s something worth talking about is because many people will tell you that they act a certain way because they know their worth. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s important to know you’re worth but knowing your worth doesn’t mean that you are better than someone else.

That kind of pride that makes you think you are better than others is the same kind of pride that will often stall you in life. The same kind of pride that will make you think twice before starting from the bottom to get something you want. The same pride that will let you overlook someone who could help you build your empire (whether that be family or business). Thats the same pride that will burn bridges faster than gasoline.

The way to overcome this pride is to always put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What do they feel? Are my words hurting them? What would I feel if someone treated me like this?

Remember nobody is better than anybody else in this world. We are all equal, we all have the same kind of potential, tapped or untapped. Our talents are different but that doesn’t make them superior to others.

Today is Monday, so how about starting the week with a different attitude? How about giving everyone the chance you wish the world would give you? Know your worth, but don’t forget other people’s worth too.

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