Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – 05/12/2016

Today’s motivation Monday post is about loving yourself for who you are.

I feel like this is something we all struggle with, sure we all say we love ourselves but how many of us actually do? How many of us actually put the time in and work on our inner relationship? We work so hard on being good partners/wives/husband/daughter/sons but what about being good to ourselves?

Very often we deny ourselves something that could make us happy in order to please others, thinking that if we help them be happy they will make us happy, but lately I have come to realise that is not how life works. At all. You cannot expect someone else to make you happy and love you for who you are unless YOU love YOU. How can you expect the world to see the beautiful person you are if you hide that person underneath layers and layers of something made up to please others? You can’t.

Loving yourself isn’t just about saying “I love me”, we need to appreciate ourselves and take care of ourselves emotionally as well as health wise. For example: how many of us say we love ourselves and then, once someone let’s us down, we turn to the kitchen and eat our feelings? How is that loving yourself when all you are doing is probably harming yourself in the long run? This is just an example and I have chosen to use it as it applies to me.

True happiness and love comes from within, we are all capable of being beautiful human beings, so let’s pull that inner beauty out. Let’s tell ourselves “I love you for who you are and for everything you can be” and take care of ourselves before we try to please others.

I am not perfect and I am still working on how to be happy with myself, and hopefully through motivating myself I can motivate someone out there too.

7 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – 05/12/2016

  1. Lovely post! I really reasonated with this. While it’s good to be considerate and put people before us occasionally, at the end of the day, our happiness is just as important and we should work on that first. I’m happy to see that someone else appreciates the same outlook on life as I do. Can’t wait to read more of your posts! Xx Enyiie

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