Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday 28/11/2016

Today’s Motivation Monday post is about not giving up.
How many times in life do we want to just walk away from everything? Just give up, curl up into a ball and cry “why don’t good things happen to me?” while binge eating? To me this happens once or twice a month. I am not ashamed of it. It’s a part of life and the reason why I am not ashamed, is because each time I get that urge, I take a deep breath and remind myself it’s going to be ok. It has to.

Life is hard but it’s a test. Everyday of our life is a test. We don’t give up during exams at school so why should we give up during life’s tests?

We have no right to give up, once we do we are disrespecting our own selves, we are depriving our self of achieving something. Say you give up hunting for your perfect job on a Sunday, and that job the one that you worked so hard for gets posted on a Tuesday? Your chance would be gone because you gave up too soon. 

You need to have faith, faith that good things happen, faith that happiness is near. Have faith that you deserve that happiness and NEVER give up trying. 

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