Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday- 21/11/2016

This is something different, I call it motivation Monday and hope to be able to post a little quote or rant ever week in order to motivate myself as well as others.  Today I want to talk about underestimating ourselves.
We always tell people not to underestimate us but most of the times we are the ones underestimating ourselves. Maybe its because as we grow up our confidence takes a few kicks and knocks, maybe its because we have been hurt in the past and that can make us feel like we don’t deserve better, but really if WE don’t believe we deserve better, how can we expect others to think we deserve better? If we don’t believe in ourselves how can we expect to achieve our dreams? We can spend everyday of our life working for it but if we lack the confidence to make it, if we don’t think we deserve it, then how can we achieve it? I know I am not the only one that underestimates herself, I have my reasons for that, just like we all have our reasons for it. How about from now on we use those reasons as motivation? They said you’ll never make it? prove them wrong. They laughed at your dreams? Watch those giggles turn to astonishment as you succeed. Never let anyone tell you your dreams are not important or impossible or stupid. Its your life, make of it what you want and always believe in yourself.

I hope this has helped someone out there.


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