Poetry Corner- Don’t Forget About Us

Image from: http://www.sequoitmedia.com/war-and-peace/
Bang bang, gunshots wake me out of my sleep.Run run, I grab my baby and ignore the glass cutting my feet.

Buildings on fire, corpses around me,

My town has been destroyed,

My husband taken away,

Convicted on false charges and beaten every day.

Where are the presidents with armies to help?

Where is the humanity? Why doesn’t the world care?

I look to my president but he runs to hide,

I look to my people but they are caught up in the fight.

I used to be the lush green earth and the bright blue lakes,

The birds chirping and the gentle sea’s waves.

My name is Mogadishu and I am fading away.


Boom Boom, explosions around me,

I grab my wife and hide in the bunker.

Our child long since dead, killed for no reason,

My country is in ruin, my family is gone.

Tears run down my face, where is the world?

Where is the help we want to expect?

Where is the mercy when our children lay dead?

Where are my brothers with oil money?

Tears run down my face as I struggle to remember peace,

My name is Gaza, please don’t forget I still exist.


The sun has set and the county is the dark,

The president switched off the electricity, his bite worse than his bark

Stuck in this mess with nowhere to hide,

I can run but if caught it will be jail time.

The world has no idea,

My name is Asmara and I am still here.


Once upon a time my people lived in peace,

Now I am in a camp with no freedom,

Beaten if I practice my religion.

Genocide that has been going on for years

New generation doesn’t even know I am here,

My name is Myanmar and slowly I am starting to disappear.


Leaders of the world sit at a desk,

Discussing what to do about the world’s unrest.

In their expensive suit they all think

“If I help, what will it do for me?”

Arguing in an office about which side to take,

Which country to help, whose life means more.

They agree to disagree and discuss it no more,

If the world found out there would be an uproar,

So they move on and let it rest,

They refuse to understand,

They have put humanity to death.

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